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The awareness of ozone in India is ever increasing with very many ozone equipment manufacturers in the market. Applications of ozone are many but the application modus varies and is highly specific for each project. Variables are many and this could affect results obtained. Chemical reactions and stoichiometry must be given due importance. This apart, hardware considerations of ozone equipment and accessories are very important for economical, reliable and lasting solutions.


Ozone in India

Ozone Technology has been around in India for nearly 25 years now, but has not seen much progress as observed around the world. This is due to the fact that only a few ozone players in the country have the required application expertise with equal knowledge of ozone chemistry, stoichiometry and hardware. Most of them have some related experience in water treatment and not of the more advanced technologies used all over the world. Very few have ozone hardware experiences. Most of the water treatment consultants are not aware of hardware specifications and relative performances of the system, with the result they tend to cut, copy and paste ozone specifications from internet or what being provided by specific manufacturers. This results in a complete failure of the system and the process. It may be surprise, that the success rate of ozone applications in India (the more advanced applications involving water chemistry and ozone stoichiometry) will be close to 10-20% only. This is a sad situation when the investments are considered. Many prospective users shy away from ozone due to this risk and not able to make informed decisions.

World ozone Market and its likely effects in India

The world market for ozone is expected to reach an estimated value of USD 1 billion by 2020. This would be around a compound annual growth of over 7% from the year 2013.

Ozone technology has many applications including purifying air. Above all the medical users of ozone is being recognised in some parts of Europe and US and finds use in therapy such as cancer and human immunodeficiency virus infection/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS). Research activities have increased.

The growth of ozone is attributed to the many benefits of ozone such as high oxidation potential, quicker action compared to other traditional disinfection techniques, no formation harmful by-product and long run cost benefits.

The increasing world health concerns due to increase in urbanization, increasing water contamination and increasing level of industrialization are driving the ozone technology market globally. Municipalities are looking to change from traditional chlorine-based disinfection to UV and ozone technology based disinfection which has boosted ozone technology market.

Lack of regulatory requirement for ozone generators in India has lead to emergence of many small regional companies. However, for large ozone systems importance of the brand and ozone experience plays an important part.

The market in India, also abroad is fragmented though there are only few big international players operating on top (especially in potable water, other water, industrial water and waste water segments). Most of the large companies have raised the standard of products by introducing high efficiency and low power ozone equipment in the market. Hence India is far behind world ozone standards.

For many more years, Indian will keep importing ozone systems from large ozone companies in Europe, Japan and China. Asian companies have now ozone systems comparable to European makes and have edged them in few large projects across the world.

The need in India is to provide accurate and correct information on equipments, hardware and performance of the large equipments marketed by foreign companies in India. Most of these companies do not have their own offices and technical team but depend on agents or a single employee to take care of technical briefing and hence inputs to clients are often delayed and in accurate. As available in the US and Europe Ozone consultancy could resolve these issues for the Indian consultant and clients.

Ozone consultancy: Why it is a must before you use ozone

This is not born yet in India. This part is played by consultants of water and wastewater to the best of their knowledge and ability. They do take opinions from ozone manufacturers and hope to get reliable information and system design. There is no way this information can be verified and the consultant and the end user need to depend on this information and hope for the best. No process guarantees are provided by any ozone manufacturer in India and subsequently design and process corrections are made by trial and error at high cost to the end user.

Need of the Hour

There is a total lack of transparency in India even among MNC marketing ozone in India Transparency with respect to ozone design calculations, transparency with regards to reliability and maintenance and transparency wrt process. Therefore the need of the hour in India is to bring this transparency into ozone applications, equipment and accessories. The process suggested can be cross checked with an ozone expert, who could bring to the client full transparency and offer an unbiased opinion. He should be able to wet the design of the process. Equipment sections, hard ware advantages of different equipments and help make decision for the client for a reliable, economical solution with Ozone.

All Design calculations are to be cross checked to avoid application failures. Proper choice of accessories should be available to the end user and above all the consultant and the end user NEED choice of different ozone systems. You do not need a consultant for small applications like water treatment, swimming pool treatment that involves small ozone systems. But you definitely need an expert’s guidance when the process design warrants above 100 grams. It is all the more important if the design requirement is 1 Kg ozone per hour and above. Technology for ozone production changes dramatically from 1 Kg ozone onwards where reliability factor, power factor, maintenance factor will all add to the costs of the systems.

The emergence of ozone consultancy in india

Profile of RAJ (V.Baratharaj)

V.Baratharaj is the founder Director of India’s most successful ozone company OTSIL. He is a founder Secretary of the Ozone Association of India. V.Baratharaj, more passionately called Raj all over the world, has both chemistry and ozone engineering background and has over 25 years of ozone experience. Raj is well known abroad especially in ozone Companies in Europe and US. Raj has been associated with WEDECO brand ozone system for nearly 20 years and has intense knowledge on the equipments of most companies around the world. Raj has worked for many years in some of the most advanced ozone applications, such as paper and pulp, waste water treatment, ozone in Pharma Industry and cooling tower applications. Raj has experience in handling ozone system from 5 kg to 250 kg ozone per hour and applications requiring such large ozone systems. Raj is a regular writer in leading water magazines in India and guest lecturer in a few reputed universities in India.

Profile of SHREYAS B

Shreyas B joined OTSIL in the year 2008. He has completed his B.E (Electrical and Electronics) at BITS (Pilani). He also obtained a M.Sc (Chemistry) degree simultaneously. Shreyas than completed a two year Management course at the IIM (Ahmedabad). Under the guidance of Mr V.Baratharaj, Shreyas was trained in Engineering, application of ozone and has now 9 years of practical experience in Ozone applications.

Shreyas also underwent various short courses and training in water and waste water management under reputed water and treatment consultants. Shreyas has also had training under reputed ozone specialists around the world.

Shreyas has experiences in Ozone hardware and have worked in erection and commissioning of some of worlds largest ozone system in India. With the type of training Shreyas has had, he could place himself as one of the most qualified and experienced ozone expert in India.

Ozone consultancy – Vision for Transparency in Ozone use in India

The aim of an Ozone consultancy is to bring about Transparency in ozone design, application, process and equipment selections. The consultant and the end user must be aware of the entire process calculations, design of process, equipment selection so that he has 100% faith on the performance of Ozone. Raj consultancy’s aim is to reduce the risk of failure of ozone process to the minimum. Emergence of Raj ozone consultancy is the best thing that could have happened to ozone industry in India. Raj Ozone consultancy are India’s first ozone consultants and need of the hour.

OTSIL Experience in Ozone

Areas of ozone consultancy available - First Time In India

a) Applications & Chemistry

b) Hardware & selection of equipments and accessories & ROI for ozone feasibility

c) Ozone Engineering



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